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These famous Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies are nothing like anything you've ever had because not only do they melt in your mouth... the secret recipe makes them taste so so much better.


These amazing cookies remind you of the good 'ol days. It brings you that feeling of joy and nostalgia. Reminding you of the good cookies that Mama, Grandma, and Auntie used to make.

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"These soft awesome sinfully delicious buttery cookies melt in your mouth..the name says it all. they are truly yummy the best Mexican wedding cookies I've ever had."

- Mallory M.

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"Are you wanting a delicious taste explosion? Well if you eat these cookies they will TAKE YOU THERE and then some! I met my first cookie at the Indiana Black Farmers Co-Op Far Eastside Market last month (October 2019). I had a sample and before I even savored the last bite...I went to get my wallet. I have since bought more and then took some to my special someone - who asked does she mail them (YES). So if you are pondering whether you should indulge or not the answer is... ABSOLUTELY - I purchased 3 bags today - I will be back next week - and her personality is sweet like honey - it's refreshing to know that kind people still exist in 2019! GET YOURS BEFORE I HIT THE LOTTERY AND BUY EVERY LAST COOKIE!"

- Jasmine D.

"One of my favorite childhood memories, Mexican Wedding Cookies... I am so glad I found YUMMY!!! They are so buttery just amazing... it takes me back when I'm sitting at my great grandmother's house and we're sharing cookies and good times... it's amazing what a delicious cookie can bring great memories of family thank you YUMMY!"

- Nakia L.

"The cookies are amazing!! I hate nuts in cookies, but these were different. I would recommend these cookies to anyone!"

- Erika B.

"I dream of these cookies! They are perfectly powdered in confectioners sugar. The buttery cookie is the perfect small size so your mouth does not dry out when you are eating them!! I bought two large bags and served them at my sons graduation party.
They were a hit!!"

- Christine V.

"Yummy's Mexican Wedding Cookies are the best Mexican Wedding Cookies I have ever had. They melt in your mouth and you can't eat just one. I was truly impressed that they are made with no artificial ingredients. If you haven't tried them you are truly missing out. Thank you Yummy! My coworkers are still raving over your cookies."

- Robin R.

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YUMMY!'s Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies

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Mrs. Wheat has dedicated her YUMMY! brand to her son Chad Wheat, a homicide victim in 2020. She has, is and will continue to use portions of sales from her infamous Mexican Wedding Cake cookie to help raise funds to support various mental health organizations in her community.

Cookie With A Cause: Your Mental Status Matters.

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